Beautifull Hands

Sexy Natalia has beautifull hands.

And shes ready to hand smother you.

Are you ready to worship the hands will taking your air ?

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July prevents him from breathing

July is a sexy blonde girl with a nice attitude.
She is the only one who is allowed to breathe air!
The slave won’t stop breathing on his own so she
puts her hands on his mouth and prevents him from
breathing from now on… The only problem: Without
air he has no chance to survive…

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Alegra smothers helpless slave

Alegra is a hot, young blonde mistress.
And she likes to dominate men whenever she can!
She brought the slave easily on the ground
and put her hands on his mouth. Now he cannot
breath anymore…!

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Emely plays with the poor guy

Emely is a very playful girl.
She wants to have a lot of fun!
And she likes to smother slaves.
Best thing to do is combine both!
The slave lies on the couch and
she sits on his chest.
She puts down her hands on his nose
and takes his ability to breath…

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Mistress Jean and her sexy hands!

Mistress Jean is a hot and sexy mistress.
And she likes to show her beautiful body!
Just look at her dress – it’s stunning hot!
But this is not the only thing preventing
the poor slave from breathing…
She also uses her hands and put them tight on his mouth!
He cannot breath anymore, because his mouth and nose
are shut tight… His head is going to become red
and he wants to escape – but he has no chance…!

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Goldie likes to smother the slave

Goldie is a hot and big breasted mistress.
She likes to smother defenseless guys!
She uses her hands to smother him.
The poor guy cannot breath anymore.
Such a pity! He seems to loose his consciousness.
So he cannot see her hot big boobs which
she also uses to to smother him a little bit more…!

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You will be smothered in a box!

Do you ever heard about a smother box?
This is a really useful tool!
You can put the head of your slave in there!
This way he cannot move anymore!
And you can smother him the way you like it.
Just look on his face – it looses it’s color! 😀

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The guy is smothered by Saskia’s hands

Saskia and the guy want to have some fun.
But after some minutes it is clear that only on of them
will have fun – and the other one will suffer!
Saskia sits down above his head and puts his head
between her legs. Then she puts her hands on his mouth
and nose and starts to smother him. He cannot breath anymore…

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Mistress Malou prevents you from breathing

From now on you are only allowed to breath if mistress Malou tells you to do so!
She puts her hands on the loser’s mouth and nose and now he cannot breath anymore!
How does it feel without any breath…? Do you need some more air…?
Why do you become a little bit blue and red…?

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Saskia decides who is allowed to breath

Saskia really likes HOMSmoter! And so she decides that this loser isn’t allowed
to breath her air any longer! Only she chooses who is allowed to breath and who not.
And that this loser has no right to breath is sure! So she holds him tight between
her legs and starts to smother him while putting her hands on his mouth and nose…

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