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Top 3 Hand Smother Clips April

Hi there! Here you can find the Top 3 Hand Smother Clips of April!
The girls are having a lot of fun smothering their helpless victims again.
And I’m sure you want to watch them doing so, don’t you…!?
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Extremely defenseless and at Angelina’s mercy
Angelina wants to have some fun with her slave today!
The slave was put under the ground and you can only see his head.
But this is more than enough for Angelina’s purpose…!
Now she can smother him as much as she likes – and he cannot escape!

Take a look at this clip here

Two Russian smother girls
Katja and Ljuba are two hot and young Russian girls!
And they like to use the slave pig to have some fun.
And they have a lot of fun when they use their hands
to smother him and take his ability to breath…!

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How long can you hold your breath?
Jane wants to find out how long her slave can keep his breath.
And to make sure that he won’t cheat she uses her hands!
She easily stops him from getting some fresh air when she
puts her finger and hand on his mouth and nose…!
That’s a good way to test him, don’t you think so too…!?

Take a look at this clip here

Mercedes makes fun of the slave

The slave already lies on the couch and awaits his mistress.
This time Mercedes wants to have some fun with him…
She puts her hands onto his mouth and prevents him from breathing.
To further increase his punishment she sits down on his chest.
Although this is already very humiliating, she starts to mock
him and makes further fun of him…!

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