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The guy is smothered by Saskia’s hands

Saskia and the guy want to have some fun.
But after some minutes it is clear that only on of them
will have fun – and the other one will suffer!
Saskia sits down above his head and puts his head
between her legs. Then she puts her hands on his mouth
and nose and starts to smother him. He cannot breath anymore…

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Mistress Malou prevents you from breathing

From now on you are only allowed to breath if mistress Malou tells you to do so!
She puts her hands on the loser’s mouth and nose and now he cannot breath anymore!
How does it feel without any breath…? Do you need some more air…?
Why do you become a little bit blue and red…?

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Saskia decides who is allowed to breath

Saskia really likes HOMSmoter! And so she decides that this loser isn’t allowed
to breath her air any longer! Only she chooses who is allowed to breath and who not.
And that this loser has no right to breath is sure! So she holds him tight between
her legs and starts to smother him while putting her hands on his mouth and nose…

Download the clip here