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Breath Reduction

Mistress Liana humiliates this ugly loser!

She starts a breath reduction countdown and she shows him whos the both!

Of course the boss is Mistress Liana!

Only when she decides that the Loser can breath – he can breath … if not …

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Hand Smother and Sock Humiliation

No mercy for this loser!

She puts her stinky socks in his mouth and then she starts to smother this slave!

Hand over mouth and sock humiliation!

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Punishment for the slave

This is the punishment for Adrianas slave!

Hand smother without any mercy!

This loser needs no air!

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Hand Smother Punishment

2 Mistresses likes to punish this slave which is forced to be in a smother box!

Now both girls can dominate him with her hands!

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Now more fresh air for her slave

Mistress Daliah likes hand smothering and right now she likes to press her sexy hands hard at the mouth and nose of this loser!

From now on he dont get more fresh air! She only decides when he can breath !!!

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Mercedes makes fun of the slave

The slave already lies on the couch and awaits his mistress.
This time Mercedes wants to have some fun with him…
She puts her hands onto his mouth and prevents him from breathing.
To further increase his punishment she sits down on his chest.
Although this is already very humiliating, she starts to mock
him and makes further fun of him…!

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Punishment for her boyfriend

Tina’s boyfriend didn’t clean up and didn’t take out the bottles and cans. Tina is angry about that and smothers his loser boyfriend with her hands. After a few seconds his head turns read which confirms Tina even more how much of a loser he is. He was always too weak, but that weak? Tzzz – really a loser – breathing is only allowed when Tina wants it!

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Amrita’s Training – CLIP 4

Part 4 of the video , Amrita is choking and hand-smothering him , some head-scissors …

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HomSmother – Nicole N

Mistress Nicole homsmothers her stupid slave! Her strong hands dominate him! He canĀ“t breath!

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Nasty Holly – Clip 3

Kicks, chops , humiliation , sleeper hold and more hom …

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