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Eleonore smothers her slave merciless!

Eleonore is a hot red haired beauty with very sexy hands.
And she likes to use them to smother cheeky guys!
She overthrows him and sits down at his chest!
Then she uses her hands and fingers to shut his mouth
and nose and prevents him from breathing this way…!

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Elaine and Janine let him suffer!

The two girls Elaine and Janine are very cruel!
They like to play with the slave the way they want it…!
And of course it will be very humiliating to the slave!
They have bound his hands and use their own hands to
prevent him from breathing anymore…! The sexy girls
smother him til the very end… Bratty Chicks!

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July prevents him from breathing

July is a sexy blonde girl with a nice attitude.
She is the only one who is allowed to breathe air!
The slave won’t stop breathing on his own so she
puts her hands on his mouth and prevents him from
breathing from now on… The only problem: Without
air he has no chance to survive…

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Alegra smothers helpless slave

Alegra is a hot, young blonde mistress.
And she likes to dominate men whenever she can!
She brought the slave easily on the ground
and put her hands on his mouth. Now he cannot
breath anymore…!

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Mistress Jean and her sexy hands!

Mistress Jean is a hot and sexy mistress.
And she likes to show her beautiful body!
Just look at her dress – it’s stunning hot!
But this is not the only thing preventing
the poor slave from breathing…
She also uses her hands and put them tight on his mouth!
He cannot breath anymore, because his mouth and nose
are shut tight… His head is going to become red
and he wants to escape – but he has no chance…!

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Mercedes makes fun of the slave

The slave already lies on the couch and awaits his mistress.
This time Mercedes wants to have some fun with him…
She puts her hands onto his mouth and prevents him from breathing.
To further increase his punishment she sits down on his chest.
Although this is already very humiliating, she starts to mock
him and makes further fun of him…!

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HomSmother – Nicole N

Mistress Nicole homsmothers her stupid slave! Her strong hands dominate him! He can´t breath!

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Naughty Nicole

Last part of the video , choke-holds , facesitting and head-scissors !

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HomSmother – Gina

Hot Gina agonizes her victim on the bed! She´s just wearing a bikini! But her outfit won´t make it easier for him! She takes his breath with her thighs. Hear him panting!

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Kitty hard choking domination / HD

Mistress Kitty tortures her slave by strangling and choking him with her feet and boots. She crushes and stand on his throat, strangle and smother him with its hands, she wedges then the head to him between its splendid leg to cut his breathing. A very good clip of Mistress Kitty.

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