Breath Reduction

Mistress Liana humiliates this ugly loser!

She starts a breath reduction countdown and she shows him whos the both!

Of course the boss is Mistress Liana!

Only when she decides that the Loser can breath – he can breath … if not …

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Hand Smother and Sock Humiliation

No mercy for this loser!

She puts her stinky socks in his mouth and then she starts to smother this slave!

Hand over mouth and sock humiliation!

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Punishment for the slave

This is the punishment for Adrianas slave!

Hand smother without any mercy!

This loser needs no air!

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Hand Smother Punishment

2 Mistresses likes to punish this slave which is forced to be in a smother box!

Now both girls can dominate him with her hands!

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A special kind of breath reduction

Mistress Blackdiamoond likes to smother and punish her slave.

Today she trys a special kind of breath reduction.

The latex slave wears a mask and just can breath trough a small hole.

What happens when Mistress Blackdiamoond closed the hole with her finger ?


Now more fresh air for her slave

Mistress Daliah likes hand smothering and right now she likes to press her sexy hands hard at the mouth and nose of this loser!

From now on he dont get more fresh air! She only decides when he can breath !!!

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Eleonore smothers her slave merciless!

Eleonore is a hot red haired beauty with very sexy hands.
And she likes to use them to smother cheeky guys!
She overthrows him and sits down at his chest!
Then she uses her hands and fingers to shut his mouth
and nose and prevents him from breathing this way…!

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No more breathing – and NO ESCAPE!

Zora’s name is program – because the slave will get zero chance to escape or breathe!
She has put him in a smother box and won’t let him go before she has satisfied her
sadistic feelings. She puts her hands on his mouth and prevents him from breathing
any more air… What a bratty chick!

Do you want to watch her smothering him? Then do so now!

Mariola takes his breath away…!

Mariola doesn’t like it if someone else breathes HER breath!
But there is one thing she easily can do: Prevent him from breathing!
She puts her hands on his mouth and completely controls his breath.
She shuts his mouth and his nose close so there is no narrow gap for
a little bit of air – and it becomes really tough for this guy…

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Elaine and Janine let him suffer!

The two girls Elaine and Janine are very cruel!
They like to play with the slave the way they want it…!
And of course it will be very humiliating to the slave!
They have bound his hands and use their own hands to
prevent him from breathing anymore…! The sexy girls
smother him til the very end… Bratty Chicks!

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